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Introducing the Super SloMo Booth

The Super SloMo Booth is the perfect solution for your entertainment needs for your up coming event. If you're looking to create a memorable moment for guest to replay and spread on social media, then you've found the right tool. The booth is easy to implement, with multiple sizes customized to fit your  venue and budget.


• Unlimited Videos
We are waiting on you, let’s do this!

Open Air Set Up •
We can fit 8 people our frame. More then eight and some of you are not going to make the video…..But you can try.

• Slow Motion in HD
Videos filmed in 1080p at 240 frames per second. Smokin….

 Beautiful Backdrops •
We have several different options for studio backdrops

• TONS of Props
Seriously…we’ve got just about everything

 Full-time Attendant •
At least there will be one adult on site…..Yikes!

• Custom Video
Video Can be packaged to include branding and licensed music

 Video Delivery •
We can email your guest the video on the spot and they can play it on their smart phones within minutes.

• Branding
Brand your video to spread awareness and increase ROI.

The Video

The Super Slo-Mo Booth cameras are filming at high frame rates in Full HD. We are delivering you the best product we have. We offer live instant replay on HD TV’s or projectors. This is where the real laughter starts. As guest finish their moment in front of the camera they instantly see the slow motion results and inevitably break out in laughter.

The Music

We package each video with 100% Royalty Free music. What that means is you can post your video on social media and not worry about it being blocked or removed because of the music.

The Delivery

You get your choice of having the Super Slo-Mo video emailed to the guest or posted on Social Media within moments. All the videos will be uploaded to a webpage for you to continue sharing with Family, Friends, Co-workers and more.


The Compact Package

Our Compact booth is perfect for smaller venues like a restaurant, club house, office, etc. The Compact package includes one attendant that will interact with guest and operate the video equipment. With the Compact package you still receive the high quality video and fun props. We will upload all videos with in 24 hours to a webpage dedicated to your event. Add instant delivery for and additional cost.

The Impact Package

This is our largest package and comes with 3 attendants that are experts in giving your event the WOW factor everyone will be talking about. One attendant is welcoming your guests and coach first-timers through the process. The second attendant is expertly operating the video equipment ensuring the best moments are captured. The third attendant takes down guest info and finalizes the video with your logo and sends your guest of feeling taken cared of. The Impact booth includes a 10 foot by 9 foot truss support system for 4 powerful LED panel lights. Proper lighting allows for the highest quality video production. This impressive structure can be up-lit with colored LED lights to match the theme of your event.

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